Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Few Recent Obsessions...

--> My new knee-high boots. Luuuuuv them! Wear them everywhere! They make me & my size 9 feet feel extremely 'trendy.' (Yep, you heard a Niner in there.)

--> ANYTHING related to New Moon. Let's just say You Tube has been getting alotta hits from yours truly. Between RPattz, 'Jail-bait' (Taylor Lautner) & the new hotness that is the WOLF PACK, OH-MY-GUUUUHHH!! Midnight Premiere, anyone?! (SEVEN DAYS!!)

--> DiLusso Smoked Turkey (from Hy-Vee) Try it, live it, love it. Deee-lish!

--> Figuring out a new hair 'do. Now that I've grown it out for almost 5 months, and Sar's Wedding has come & gone, IT NEEDS TO GO. PERIOD. Peace out, ponytail!

--> Taylor Swift. Yes, she's 19. Yes, she's beautiful & tall & skinny with legs that go up to her chin. But, you know what?! She writes or co-writes all of her own songs, and you gotta respect that. Plus, she's not out showing her "Britney" to everyone with a camera. I can't forsee many Miley-isms in her near future. thankgawd.

--> Did I mention NEW MOON!?!? Team Edward or Team Jacob?

--> Running the Lincoln Half Marathon in May (again). I need to start training soon, but my old running partner is too busy to run with me...something about MED SCHOOL or whatever... SO, who's with me!?!?

--> Joshua Radin. He & his music are truly 'the biz-ness.' (TWR code for "DA BOMB") I guess I just have a soft spot for men who play soft guitar music. What? What?!

That's all for now...


Susie said...

I figured you'd dislike Taylor Swift since she's stealin' your man...or boy...or jailbait?

Bridge said...

LOL "Peace out, ponytail!"
love joshua radin!