Friday, November 20, 2009

Midnight Mooning

No, I didn't go around mooning people at Midnight last night.

It's way too cold for that.

I DID, however, see the Midnight Premiere of the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED 2nd installment of the Twilight Saga: New Moon.

I know, I'm a nerd.

Don't care.

Totally WORTH. IT.

Here's how it went down:

We had purchased our tickets online, but I was worried about getting a good seat, so we got to the theater at about 10:45. Thankfully, they were letting people get seated as soon as they walked through the door, so there was no dealing with crazy 13-year olds. (Sorry, I just used to be one of those, and I even annoyed myself back then.) So, because of some SNAFU, we got assigned to Theater 11 which wasn't going to end up playing the movie. WTF, right?! Right.

So, we got moved to Theater 9, only to get really crappy seats. You know, the ones on the side where your neck is strained to see the screen and just makes for a bad movie experience? So, I decided to take matters in my own hands. (Weird, huh?!) I found one of the "suits" (aka. managers) and politely asked him what the deal with switching theaters was all about, etc. (see Mom?! I do know how to use my nice words!) ...he then said in a hushed voice "If you go into Theater 8, we're playing it in there...but no one knows about it." I swear, I almost turned into one of those 13 year olds and screamed "OH - EM - GEE...SER-EEE-OUSLY?!" but I kept my 29-year old 'cool,' and hauled major ass to get my buds & I seats in the glorious Theater 8.

Turns out...there were only EIGHT people in that particular room the entire time we were watching the movie = P.E.R.F.E.C.T. viewing experience.

Now, onto the movie. *I will try not to spoil it for anyone, I'll just give you my "Business" rundown, and my "Non-Business" rundown. *

Business First:

--The story line was true to the book, and stayed on track - which I appreciated since the books were amazing. Of course, there were a few things that were added to make a successful transition from book-to-screen, but they weren't out of the ordinary and seemed to fit well into the storyline.

--A few times in the movie, I thought they could've done without the all of the ANGST-y, dramatic pauses, but looking back, I think the director probably thought it was necessary to portray how each character really felt.

--The CGI and special effects were AWESOME. The scenes where the AB-tastic boys turned into wolves were a little unrealistic, but then is a boy turning into a who am I to complain? Plus, they had their shirts I was in a forgiving mood.

--The fight scenes were fantastic, and my heart beat out of my chest when the Volturi tried to kill Edward. (That's not ruining's in the previews, people!) I love that they showed how powerful & strong vampires could be. It rocked.

--Overall, the acting was good. Kristen Stewart was convincing. Less lip-biting, annoying first movie antics, and more ACTING. Taylor Lautner, for only being SEVENTEEN, did a fantastic job of portraying Jacob. Oh, and Robert - ya, the kid did not disappoint. *sigh*

Okay, the best part...NON-Business: (Warning-this contains a lot of swooning.)

I think I was the only one who AUDIBLY GASPED when Taylor Lautner took off his shirt for the first, second, and eightieth time. Don't get me complaints here. Just sayin'--there were lots of shirtless moments. Me Likey. (Oh ya, all 7 people in the theater with me laughed when I did that. Or maybe they were giggling because they liked it. I didn't ask. I was a little distracted.)

"You said what? Your 18th Birthday isn't until February? Hmmm..."

Edward Cullen (or commonly known as RPattz), did his own share of DAZZLING the screen. Has anyone else ever had to look away from the screen because someone is just THAT HOT, it makes you blush??? Yep, that was what Robert Pattinson did to me during this movie. There's something about that HAIR. And that JAWLINE. And that SMILE. OY I'm really starting to sound like a 13 year old!

"That Lucky Bitch."

HOLY Wolf Pack, BATMAN! Have you SEEN these guys?

"The best things in life come in TWENTY-FOUR packs."

As I was walking out, I heard one of the Twihards say: "I WAS on Team Edward, but now...I just don't know!?" that'swhatI'mtalkingabout...
To sum it all up?

I will go see it again. Tonight. Soon.
This movie was twiLIGHT YEARS better than the first one.

Sorry, had to do it.

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Bridge said...

awesome, can't wait to see it..
we weren't like that at 13 were we?