Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ode To Meghan

Yes folks, it’s true, today I’m braggin’
A little story --about my BFF Meghan!
We met ten years ago during college-
At the lovely University of No Knowledge!
Brought together by pink pigs and carnations
The bond we made was really life-changin’!
We played slip and slide in the rain with the boys-
Who knew that mud and grass would be such great toys?
We had some ‘injuries’ and mishaps, some that weren’t swell,
But out of it came great stories, krimped hair, and Mission: Taco Bell
Those times we spent laughing and being so silly
All led up to us being like family!
My mom didn’t know her first name, cuz we called her Kahler
My dad thought she was nutty, and coined her pot –smoker!
Before she left college, she met a boy named Chris;
Who knew a lightning bolt necklace would lead to all of this?!
She overachieved & graduated early,
I cried when she left because I am so girly!
We met back in O-town, when I was done with school,
Those months were ‘da bomb’- we thought we were so cool!
Then the time came when she had to go,
To ‘see about that boy’ in San Antonio
We packed up her Budget truck and said our good-byes,
I hoped it wasn’t forever—I’m always the one who cries!
A couple of years went by and without her, it was tough
But she was falling in love, and we all know that’s good stuff!
When Chris popped The Question, I knew it was true,
He even put little tuxes on Taco and Brew-Brew!
I flew down to see them, and what did I get?
Asked to be her ‘Maid’—to which I said “YOU BET!”
We picked out her wedding dress the very next day,
We went into Planning Mode—get outta our way!
A couple months later, I picked up the phone
I jumped for joy when she said they were moving home!
The wedding was gorgeous, so much fun to be had,
I was so proud of my best friend and her future ahead.
We became closer than ever, and Chris & I too,
Sometimes, though he’s kidding, he calls me Wife #2!!
October ’07 they sent me a notice,
Too bad I missed my plane and was stuck in Las Vegas.
This notice, you see was not just any other note
It said to pack up my toothbrush, contact case and extra coat!
They were having a baby, and I had to “move out,”
Their spare bedroom was now needed for someone with clout
Along came lil’ Heidi, the cutest baby ever
They even asked me to be her Godmother!
She got her mom’s scowl, dad’s lips but no freckles
I guess we’re just hoping that she will have ankles!
To watch Meghan with her daughter has given me such joy,
I can’t even imagine if Heidi were a boy!
And though our lives are crazy and in much different places,
We both do our best to make time & see each other’s faces!
Our friendship is solid, and she’s my best pal,
Because she’s my friend, I’ll say ALL sure is well!
So, Happy Birthday, dear Meghan, lovely friend of mine.
May this be the best year of all….Here’s to Year “Twenty-Nine!!”

I love you Meghan!


Anne said...

Aww, Val! I love this! Cheers to Meghan!

Meghan Gonzales said...

Thanks honey!!! It was a perfect birthday! Love ya!