Monday, March 30, 2009

My First Race!

I participated in my very first race this past weekend. State Farm (Lincoln) sponsors a 1 mile race for kids, a 5K for adults, and a 10 mile race for the really crazy people. Can you guess which one I did?? (NO---they wouldn't let me run with the kids.)

Yep, I signed up for the 10 mile! C-R-A-Z-Y!!

Anyway, I'm at the point in my training where I needed to run more than a 5K this weekend, so it just worked out that I was to run the 10 mile race!

Saturday morning rolled around and I was STRESSING. I don't normally run outside, and I'm a huge snob when it comes to cold weather. Forecast for Saturday? ---REALLY FREAKING COLD. I bundled up and hoped for the best.

My mom had to work, so my dad went with me. I told him what my goal time/pace was, and he looked at me like I was crazy---I think he thought my goal was pretty lofty for my first race. Still, I was on a mission and I wore my watch so I could track my pace the whole time!

The first three miles were strong and steady. I think my adrenaline kicked in and being around all of those other runners was exhilarating! Just after I passed the third mile marker, a guy on a bike (we were on an out and back trail) came through to tell us to move over to the right....there were runners coming back!! ALREADY??! WTH?? I couldn't help but laugh--my journey had only just begun, and there were people who were almost finished!

The second three miles were about the same. I met a lady that had the same intention with time and pace, so we stuck together. It was nice to have a motivator next to me...even if it was a random stranger!

Mile seven---I start hating my life. The question "What the hell was I thinking?" passed through my mind on several occasions. I had to slow down just a legs were starting to get tired, and I just wasn't sure if I had the endurance to last another three miles. It got to the point where I was telling myself, "just get to mile 8, just get to the bridge, just make it to the street," etc. Anything to keep me motivated!

The race began and ended at the State Farm building--in between we were on the Mo-pac trail. Once I hit mile nine, I knew I had to kick in into gear--as much as I could, that is! I came off of the trail and onto the street. As I ran through the parking lot toward the finish line, I looked for my dad, thinking he'd be sitting in the car...he wasn't there. I looked over where the spectators were....and then I saw him. The look on his face was priceless. A mixture of pride and surprise. I really don't think he thought I'd finish in the time I had set out for myself. One more loop around the building before crossing the finish line... Papa Ron was cheering me on. By the time I had looped the building, he was on the other side, telling me to RUUUUNNNN!!!

So, I started sprinting--well, MY version of sprinting! I don't know where it came from, but I just took off! I crossed the finish line and it felt glorious! To top it all off, I had run 10 miles in just a smidge over my goal!

Now, I don't have any pictures to prove all of this took place, but here is my time, taken straight from
677 Valerie Omaha NE 28F 69/97 1:43:40

Yep, I was 677th place (out of 808), but I'll take it! Especially for my first race!!

After it was all done, I felt like this guy:

But then I grabbed water, an orange, and a donut hole and I told my Dad---"let's get the hell outta here! These people are crazy!" LOL

It was a great experience, unlike anything I've ever done before. Now, it's onto thinking about the 1/2 Marathon in less than 5 weeks. I have no idea where I'm going to pull an extra 3 miles from, but I'm sure going to try!!

Thanks to my friends & family for all of the support, encouragement, and crazy looks--all of that motivates me more than you know! Thanks to my mom for carb-loading me the night before, and taking me to get 'gear.' A really big Thanks to my dad for standing out in the freezing cold weather for almost 2 hours to motivate me, and watch me cross the finish means more than you know!

Up next...the Lincoln 1/2!
Oh goodness, what have I gotten myself into??


Emily K said...

WOW! Great job, Valorie. You are my inspiration:)

Meghan Gonzales said...

Run Forest Run... don't worry - Chris and I are coming up with signs and t-shirts for your May 3rd run... awww...

Anne said...

Congrats Val! That's awesome! (I would have struggled with the kiddie run.) I loved the description of your sweet of him. :)

It was great to see you too...hopefully we won't have to bail early next time!

Jessica said...

Hey...the whole Christie family will be there cheering you on!! We love ya and know you can do it!! Can't wait!!!

june cleaver said...

Wow! Congratulations kid! I would have not even made it a mile. I am in awe.