Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Golden Globes!!

Pretend it’s Monday…I’m still having issues with my computer at home…UGH

I LOVE LOVE LOVE award show season!! The dresses, the red carpet shenanigans, the acceptance speeches, Leonardo---It makes my world go round!! (Make fun all you want…) You can find me on my red couch throughout the months of January & February--watching the celebrities get all glammed up, and flat out enjoying what is award show season. I even will put up with that annoying Ryan Seacrest, because I truly believe that E! has the best Red Carpet coverage. Now THAT is taking one for the team! (That dude is EVERYWHERE!)

The Golden Globes were last night, and overall, I was a little disappointed. I still loved every minute of it, but something was missing. Here’s my take on the GG’s:

Best Acceptance Speech: Tina Fey, hands down. I have to say that the highlight of the entire evening was Tina Fey telling three individual Internet haters to “Suck It!”

Best Dressed, Female: Kate Winslet, who walked away with TWO Golden Globes for two different roles in two different movies. She was STUNNING.

Best Dressed, Male: Leonardo DiCaprio—I can’t believe it. I fell in love with him over 10 years ago, but since then have drifted a bit. After Sunday, I do believe that I’ve fallen in love with him all over again!

Worst Dressed, Female: I hate to say this, but Elizabeth Banks. I think she’s one of the funniest actresses out there, but this dress is ALL-WRONG for her. The hair clip?! Really?!

Worst Dressed, Male: Tracy Morgan. I don’t know what he was thinking by wearing that white Tux, but it looked horrible. He might as well have worn one of the outfits from Dumb & Dumber….I’m sure he made Lloyd and Harry proud.

For more on the Golden Globes, go here.

Two weeks until the SAG Awards, people! I love this one more than the Globes because it’s voted on by the actors, and is in general, a little more laid-back. I’m hoping for funnier acceptance speeches, and just overall more FUN among the actors. Can’t wait!

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