Friday, January 9, 2009

Enjoy yourself a six-pack!

I might have told a few of you about one of my absolute FAVORITE blogs, June Cleaver After A Six Pack. Not sure how I originally found this blog, but after reading a few of her posts, I was hooked! She's a military wife and mother of 4 cute kiddos. Oh, did I mention she's FREAKING hilarious?

Through the power of the internet, I learned that June and I have a lot in common--we both live in the Big O, we love Jesus, we thoroughly enjoy cold alcoholic beverages, and enjoy our hobby of looking at 'swoon-worthy' men. Along with our wacky sense of humor, what more could you ask for in a Blogging BFF!?!?

Anyway, I think I mentioned that I was single, and June's 'had my back' ever since then. (Married folk sure do love trying to hook a single friend up!) There sure has been a lot of talk about this camo-wearing single guy...

Well, June's Hubby is back from the desert to spend some QT with his family. Since she wants to spend her time with him while he's back, she's featuring other bloggers on her site. Here's how the email went:

JUNE: Valerie-funny story,...I love your blog and think you are a hoot so if it is Okay with you, I would like to post your 1999/2009 post in the next couple of days. It was wayyy too funny!

Also, Can I add one of your pics? My 5-yeah, that's right-FIVE male readers would enjoy how cute you are.

ME: Absolutely! Do whatever you like....I'm a sucker for someone who compliments me! And feel free to add a long as there isn't the sentence "SWF looking for SWM to take long walks on the beach and candlelight dinners with" underneath of it:) LOLOL

Um, yeah. I should've know better than to give this brilliant lady ammunition. Honestly, VP--come on! LOL

Head on over to the Six Pack and check out June's comments.....and the (ahem) lovely pictures of me. I really need to think harder about the pictures I post of myself....

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Jenn Sugg said...

I caught your blog post from the June Cleaver site and loved it. LMAO. Thanks for sharing it!