Monday, August 4, 2008

So I Crashed this 10-year Reunion…..

…then I realized I didn’t crash it AT ALL----in fact, it was MY ten year reunion. Not to sound like a high school chick, but “O.M.G. I had, like, the most awesome time—EVER. I saw all of my BFF’s and IDK, that old BF that I was SO in love with. Seriously, it was, like, totally RAD!!” Wait a minute---does anyone say RAD anymore?? Did I say ‘rad’ in High School? I’ve got to get out of my head…Okay, back to being a 28-year old with a mortgage and grown-up responsibilities. And back to the reunion, which is why I started this entry in the first place.

It was…fun…and weird…and eye-opening…and fun! After being around all of these people, memories from 10-14 years ago kept flooding back to me. I remember Senior Year being such a roller coaster of a year. I’m not kidding. Everything was the “last” time we would ever do something: Homecoming, Football Games (surprised?), playing pitch at the Sweeney’s, basketball, sleepovers at the Bailey’s, volleyball, Prom, etc. etc. etc. I couldn’t miss ANYTHING. In true High School form, it was dramatic---but FUN. When I think about it, I was either laughing or crying my entire Senior year. (For those of you who are asking what has changed, don’t be a smart ass. That’s my job.)

I’ve heard my mom say numerous times, “if only I had known then what I know now” ---isn’t that so true? I don’t want to say I regret anything, because what’s done is done and there’s nothing you can do to change it, but looking back makes me think about the things I would’ve done differently:
1. Why was I the only one to dress up on 80’s day during Spirit Week?! Come on, people! We are children of the 80’s! Where’s your respect?! (Special shout out to whichever girl accidentally left her uniform shorts in the locker room that day. Yep, I snatched those puppies up and got changed REAL quickly!)
2. No make-up?! And a pony-tail?! EVERY DAY?!? Okay, so I’m not a morning person, and I “didn’t have anyone to impress” when I was in high school, but, what was I thinking? My boss jokingly said maybe if I had just thrown on some eyeliner and curled my hair every once in a while, things could be different for me now. I assume she means I’d be married with children, but it is what it is. (Another special shout out to Staci (Gil) Anderson, my high school buddy who showed me how to put on make up my first year at UNK….and to my hair stylist, Blayr, who gave me a cut that I MUST ‘do’ every day. I have to say, I’ve come a long way).
3. Totaling the WHITE HONDA. I still believe, and won’t budge on this one, that the lady I hit with my car, my FAVORITE CAR, was stopped at a green light. Looking back, maybe I was only 17, but I should’ve used my ‘mad’ driving skills to swerve and miss her. My heart skips a beat when I think about the fact that my three best friends and my younger sister were in the car with me that night, and were unhurt. Henry, my Guardian Angel (Yes, I named him—do you expect anything less?) must’ve been working overtime that night. (You guessed it…special shout out to Henry!!)

I’m sure there are more than three things that I would change, but why dwell, right? I had a great time in High School, and I had a great time at the reunion. I’m hoping that I can stay in touch with some of the people I got reacquainted with this past weekend. See pics for more details.

"Captain Pius" himself (PJ Grosserode)

Lindsey (Bailey) Major, me, Christina Nigro

Some "old" St. John's Buddies: Susan (Kapler) Ekeler, me, Bridget (Ellingson) Bredenkamp
Another St. John's BFF, Nikki (Ohnoutka) Clauss

Wowzers that was a long one! The next one will be shorter, I promise.
Until next time….

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