Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Giving God-Mother a Whole New Meaning

Little Heidi Leigh Gonzales

Just last week, I was asked to be Miss Heidi Leigh Gonzales’ Fairy Godmother, minus the Fairy part. (I still want to wear a tiara and a big fluffy dress, for the heck of it!) I was and still am really touched by the gesture, and of course am grateful to my BFF Meghan and her hubby Chris for asking me. They even gave me a book from the Church called “A Guide for Godparents” so I could read up on Baptism. This might be helpful, considering I know nothing about being a Godmother. It got me thinking about my own Godmother, who everyone knows as ‘ZIP,’ and how she’s helped me and influenced my life:

(Zip with her Granddaughter, Isabell)
*One of my first memories of Zip was watching the “Thriller” video at her house. Yes, Michael is not the same person he was 20 years ago, but that video was, for lack of a better word, HUGE. And I watched it at Zip’s house. And was totally terrified. I might have been a little too young to watch it, but I can’t blame my still-present fear of spooky talking creatures on my Godmother, can I?

*She is never afraid to be herself, which is a quality I truly admire. Who else loves beer, walks around the house barefoot during winter, laughs all the time, and doesn’t care what other people think? ZIP!!

*Whenever one of my relationships goes bad, she always tells my mom to tell me he was probably a jerk anyway, and I’m better off. I’m leaving that one alone, but she’s been accurate more than a few times!!

*Every year, she sends me a birthday card with a crisp $5 bill and a piece of VERY useful advice. This year: “Inflation sucks, but at least $5 will still get you an ice cold beer.” Gotta love it!

So, after recalculating all of the wonderful memories from my own Godmother, I can’t help but be truly excited to do the same thing for Heidi Leigh. It may not be a traditional Godmother/Goddaughter relationship, but in the end, I hope that I can have a memorable affect on her life, just like Zip has for mine!

Yes, I can be serious sometimes. Awww, warm fuzzies all around.

Until next time……………

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Meghan Gonzales said...

You will be a Fantastic Godmother and I'm cool with giving her beer money too. :) But NO college stories until she is at least 25! I was an angel and so were you.