Monday, February 8, 2010

Surgery Required

Hello Friends & Family on this snowy day! Hope you're all getting around okay!!

Warning/Disclaimer: If you can't handle hearing about bones and medical stuff without getting queasy, you should stop reading now :) I warned you!!

I went to the Doctor Friday for my first check up since The Wrist Debacle of Twenty Ten, and didn't quite get the news I was hoping for... Apparently, I broke more than one bone in my wrist (information he didn't tell me in the ER), and one of the bones that is "shattered" isn't setting correctly. Basically, the bone is sliding down instead of staying in the place it's supposed to. So, he said we could do surgery the following week, or wait two weeks (until the next appointment) to see if it stays put. The problem with waiting is that if it continues to move 'down,' we'll end up having to do surgery I will have basically wasted two weeks that could be spent recovering.

So, surgery is scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon. A couple details about the surgery: It'll be Outpatient, but I will be put out completely (ya-ay, anesthesia). He's going to first start by putting pins in, and then he'll see if that alone will work by doing an X-ray. If the X-ray comes back and he's not pleased with how it's sitting, he'll make an incision and put in a plate. This will all be done at one time, he said preferably early next week. The pins are removable, but if the plate is needed, it will not be removed.

Needless to say, I'm pretty devastated with this news. I was really hoping we could avoid surgery. But, like Dr. Emodi said, since I'm young and mostly because it's my dominant hand, he wants to do whatever is necessary to get it back to 100%. I would like that too!

I will keep you posted as things happen!

Take care, stay warm, drive safe, and avoid roller rinks at all costs,


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Urban Mom said...

Better living through chemistry, baby! (ya-ay anesthesia is right) Good luck tomorrow. Keep us posted, even if it means pecking out a few letters at a time with one hand. And tell the doc that you at least have to have one particular finger working properly.... y'know, for being in traffic... ;-)