Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Chili Song

I had an awesome lunch today, and I felt the need to share it with everyone. So, I wrote a Poem/Song about it. Enjoy!

Oh, Chili you are so good,
You’re always welcome in my ‘hood…
A few crackers & a little cheese,
No doubt you’re sure to please.
Sitting at my desk, just smellin’ up the place
Take that Annoying Co-Worker - uh huh- “in your face!”

num num.
gimmie some (some)

I’ll pass on the kidney beans,
Even though I still respect you
I have to make it through the day
Without someone thinking “Pee-uuu!”
I’ll put you to the side, but don’t ever forget
Without you my chili needs aren’t truly met.

num num.
gimmie some (some)

I guess it’s time for this song to end
Though it’s hard to say goodbye, my friend.
I ate you all, but didn’t lick the bowl
I really wish I had a cinnamon roll
So good bye it is and will have to be
Until next time..I love you CHILI.

I'm here all week, Folks.


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so, do you have a lot of spare time at work lately? :)