Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let's hear it for the Boys...Town!

I ran in this race yesterday for Memorial Day. Although it was an early morning, this is how I felt about it:

I wanted to run this 5 mile race for a couple of reasons.
Ever since the 1/2 Marathon, I've been slacking. By slacking, I mean I may or may not be eating/drinking whatever I want, exercising/running whenever I want (read: hardly at all), and just overall not giving a rats-patootie about being healthy. (All of this right before swimsuit season!? SERIOUSLY!) Maybe I felt that after running 13.1 miles, I was 'entitled' to eat whatever I wanted to, or not work out whenever I wanted to. Reality is, folks, that race was THREE WEEKS AGO! Not to mention, studies prove a lack of eating healthy and exercising can lead to the Return of the Double Chin. (Note the above picture....he's coming back!) (Oh yeah, and that Study and it's result is REAL! It's a horrible epidemic!)

But my most important reason for running was something that hits close to home. From the above-mentioned website: "The Boys Town National Research Hospital Memorial Day Run benefits children with hearing loss and visual impairments. Funds raised at this event will benefit the Cochlear Implant Program and the Lied Learning and Technology Center for Childhood Deafness and Vision Disorders. Our goal is to improve the lives of children with hearing loss, visual impairment and other communication disorders through early identification, education, state-of-the-art rehabilitation, rigorous research, and family support."

My incredibly adorable nephew Hudson was born with 50% hearing loss in both ears. He now sports hearing aids to help him hear. When my sister & BIL were discovering all of this, they came to Boys Town National Research Hospital. They were able to get some tests done that answered their questions, and overall had a great experience.
So, this, along with my previous running experience & it seemed like a perfect match! Although my contribution was small, it was still wonderful to run & give to a cause that helps to enrich the lives of children, one that even helped my own family. After thinking of Lil' Huddy and what a blessing he is to our family, I couldn't help but want to give back! I mean, after seeing THIS face, wouldn't YOU want to do something to help?

(Man, is he cute!!)

Until next time...

*OH--yes, I have been meaning to post pictures of said 1/2 Marathon, but I haven't received any from mi familia (hint, hint):)*

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Cat said...

Awesome. Good for you for both reasons. As soon as I have the next baby, I need to tackle the double chin. Jamison goes to Boys Town for pediatric care and I agree with you, its a wonderful place and truly helps children. That is awesome to help that cause, so kuddos to you.