Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Weight-loss Wednesdays!

Welcome to “The Biggest Loser Wednesdays!” Tune in each Wednesday to hear my ‘Water Cooler Talk’ about The Biggest Loser episode from the night before! You’ll get my “expert” opinion on who’s “In It To Win It,” who’s on my “Not So Favorite List,” and my predictions for future episodes! Feel free to comment!

Disclaimer #1: I want to let everyone know that I can be a softie when watching TBL. I hear that song at the beginning and I immediately start tearing up. (I think I was on the verge of crying 4 times within the first 15 minutes!) I’m not only inspired by these people wanting to make a change, I’m proud of them! I know from personal experience that it takes a serious commitment to lose weight, and each of those people are making it by being on the Ranch! Props to them!
Disclaimer #2: I’m free to change my mind halfway in to the season or even a couple of episodes into it. I’m a woman, you know! We’re entitled to change our minds whenever we want!

Episode 1
This season was advertised as THE BIGGEST SEASON YET….and we were not let down. The biggest lady to ever join the show, Carla, weighed in at a whopping 394 lbs. Then there’s Daniel, the biggest contestant of all time, weighing in at 454 at 19 years old! Did you see Jillian’s face when he weighed in?? I thought she was going to gallop right outta there!! Those trainers definitely have their work cut out for them!

Tugs at the Heart Strings: Daniel, the biggest contestant to join TBL. I don’t know if it’s because he’s so young or he is TRULY there to change his life, but his sincere motivation to lose weight and change his life makes my heart melt.
Jerry, the retired grandpa, who collapsed before even working out. His reaction on the scale after he lost 25 lbs. was priceless. I don’t know if I see him winning it all, but again, he’s one that’s there for the right reasons!

Early Favorites: Tara, from the Green Team. She’s a spit –fire! I know she’s there to not only change her life, but to WIN IT! I see traces of Ali (Season 5 winner) in Tara.
Mike, from the Brown Team. He might be the silent competitor. Granted, he didn’t lose as much as his Dad this first week, but at 18 years old, I think he has the most potential to do really great things.

Biggest Twist: Nine people were sent home to compete on their own. Their only hope of returning is if their teammate is still on the ranch in 30 days. Black and Brown were the only teams to be kept together.

Val’s Honorable Mention: Yellow Team, sisters Aubrey & Mandi. They lost the challenge by a hair, but the effort was unbelievable. Red Team, engaged couple Nicole and Damien. I like their attitude…also fierce competitors.

Less than Impressed: Laura (Green Team). I know it hurts, and Jillian is a tough trainer, but QUIT WHINING! Did you see the fact that your partner (Tara) PUKED while running on the treadmill and KEPT GOING?! Not to mention, there are thousands of people that would trade places with you, and want the opportunity you have to be on that show!
Carla (Silver Team)—it was decided that Carla would go home, leaving Joelle on the ranch. At the ‘non-elimination’ elimination, Carla said that whether or not she gets to come back to the Ranch in 30 days will be “a true test of our friendship.” Seriously? You would no longer be friends with your ‘Best Friend’ if she didn’t make it through 30 days on the Ranch? That’s ridiculous!

Alright folks, that’s my take on the first episode. Tune in next week when Bob apparently goes APE-$%%T on one of the contestants!

(Bear with me, these posts will get better with time, I promise.)

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