Thursday, January 1, 2009

Season of Change

This past football season was one of big changes for my Huskers. First and foremost, the firing of WhatsHisFace and the hiring of my buddy, Bo Pelini (enter ‘choir of angels' sound effect *here*). In all of the changes he made, questionable or not, he had the respect and support of the Husker fans….something WHF didn’t.
Coach Pelini has passion. Passion for his players, and passion for the game of football. Personally, I LOVED when he’d get fired up on the sidelines. Some may argue that he lost a game or two for us because of his temper. But tell me that watching him yell four letter words to the refs didn’t get you fired up, and I’ll call you a liar. It’s that kind of passion that made his players know they had someone on their side. Talk about change from the previous four years!
Coach made some tough decisions along the way: He switched Cody Glen from offense to defense. He held onto the coveted Blackshirts until the defense truly earned them. The captains changed every game, and were decided on by the Team. {The "permanent" captains were elected at the end of the regular season, and the ones picked were honored, surprised and very deserving. Maybe that's how it should be.} But with all of the changes that Bo Pelini made, his decision NOT to change who was calling the offense, Shawn Watson, was one of the smartest choices made this season. (It’s my blog, I can say what I want to.) Because while change is usually a good thing, sometimes it has to be gradual and in small doses.
Pelini knew that defense needed to be the main focus this season. That’s one of the reasons T.O. decided to bring him on instead of Turner Gill. (It’s not a race thing, Charles Barkley. Plain and simple, it’s just NOT.) He also knew that he had a great leader in quarterback Joe Ganz (*infatuation sigh*) and a team determined on focusing on the future, not on the past. I think that’s probably the best way to make change happen, don’t you?
Do we have a ways to go before we’re competing in another national championship? Absolutely. But looking back at this season, I think we’re making some very important strides in the right direction. And that makes me excited for the future.
Today the Huskers will play in the Gator Bowl, or as Larry the Cable Guy would call it, the “Gat’r Done Bowl” against Clemson. Cheers to the Seniors, who will play their last game in the Husker uniform. It’s been a turbulent four years, and you guys are proof to the younger guys that if you stick around long enough, good things will happen.


Sidenote: Since the them of the month is change, I'd like to send out a request to Coach Pelini to change his choice in Nebraska sweatshirts every once in a while. A red one might be nice...(?) Just a thought. (I may love football, but I'm still a girl, and have fashion on the brain from time to time!)

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