Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is it bad that...

…I may or may not have candy for the trick-or-treaters this year because I decided to open the candy bags a couple weeks early? (Don’t worry, I haven’t eaten it all and I try to limit myself to one piece a day)

…I’m SO excited for this Election to be OVER WITH and I don’t care WHO wins? (For all of you political junkies, I WILL be voting…I want funny commercials back on my TV and people to stop talking about it!)

… “Working for the Weekend” has become my new Anthem? ('Everybody’s Working for the Weekend'…ah yeah, sing along with me now!)

…I’m back to eating Ramen noodles for dinner….and I don’t even MIND it? (I’m just glad this time I can use a real fork and plate---as opposed to plastic ones. Yeah, I’m classy like that.)

…I’m now addicted to “Dancing with the Stars?” (Damn you, Warren Sapp and Lance Bass…you’ve got me hooked!)

…I become ‘giddy’ when VH1’s “The Pickup Artist” comes on TV? (It makes me happy to watch nerds gaining valuable skills which will enable them the chance to hook up!)

…lately, I’ve been feeling like a hoarder that needs to seek therapy? (I have WAY too many newspapers/papers/whatever laying around my house. Help!)

…I haven’t had my hair done in over 10 weeks? (It’s not my fault she cancelled and then got married and went on her Honeymoon. Or that I don’t have any money. Sheesh.)

…my knees ache when the weather changes? (when did I get so old?!)

Comments, questions, suggestions welcome this time….PLEASE!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

I am totally hooked to DWTS too! Maybe we are sisters after all! You are so funny! I look forward to reading your blog!
Love ya!
oh... I can help you with that hoarding problem. We dont want you eding up on Oprah or anything :)