Friday, September 12, 2008

I See Little People

Better late than never...

The College World Series has to be one of my all-time favorite events of the year. Normally, a few of my best friends and I take some time off during the week and tailgate, meet people, have fun, etc. This year, because of my new job, I wasn’t able to take any time off. Never fear, that did not stop me from having a BLAST when I was able to make it down to Rosenblatt Stadium. (Can I get a moment of silence, please? Only one more year before the wonderful and irreplaceable Rosenblatt is torn down. More than slightly upsetting, but I’m glad Omaha has the CWS for 25 years after that.) Moving on…

One of my favorite memories from the 2008 CWS was ‘meeting’ Zach Potter of the Nebraska Husker's Football team. I use the word ‘meeting’ very loosely because I really didn’t say much--shocker-- but it was a conscious effort. Yep, so I stood there and let Anisa do the talking. Let’s be honest with ourselves, people. I knew I’d make an ass out of myself and end up looking like a stalker. Nonetheless, Anisa, Nikki, and I got our picture taken with the NU Defensive End. And from that one experience, I’m sure he’ll recognize us in the stands at Memorial Stadium. In true Valerie form, and mostly because I couldn't walk away without saying something, I added a shaky, "Good Luck this season," and then sarcastically told him: "You should look for us; we'll be the ones wearing RED”…oh yeah. I did. LOL. I rock.

Oh, and I do have to mention that it was a major highlight for my lil’ sis Rachie to make it to town. She doesn’t really get into sports (I know, I’m still dealing with that one too) but one thing she does get into is tailgating, and we had a lot of fun enjoying the festivities. It’s always great to have her around! Thanks for coming, Rachel!

Also, my good bud Angie was in from the Windy City (or thereabouts) to celebrate her nephew’s birth. While she welcomed Callan, she was also able to hang with some of her old UNK buddies. I felt really lucky to be able to see her. This picture reminds me of old times: Lil' Ang, Bear, and Valpo! As Lil' Ang would say, “Good Times Had By All!!”
*Special thanks to Rachel for the last two pictures and Anisa for allowing me to pester her (for three months) until she put her pictures on Kodak Gallery...I know, I'm a huge pain in the arse!

Until next time…

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