Monday, August 25, 2008

Miranda Rocks!!

Anisa and I both took ½ days this past Friday so we could make the 50 mile trek to Stinkin’ Lincoln to see Miranda Lambert in concert at the Nebraska State Fair. We got pumped up during the drive by listening to both of her CD’s, Kerosene and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. (I would suggest both to anyone!)
One word to describe the concert: AMAZING!! It was in the Open Air Auditorium, and we ended up getting pretty good seats—only 12 rows back! Not to mention, right by four beer stations and the restrooms…..SCORE!! She put on a great concert…for such a small girl, she has a larger-than-life voice and great stage presence! The highlight for me (other than hanging out with my bud) was when she played “Gunpowder & Lead” and “Kerosene” back-to-back….Needless to say, my throat was a little sore from screaming/ “singing”/yelling after all was said and done!
Thanks to Ron & Helen for letting Anisa & I crash at their place Friday night. We’re glad that you enjoyed lunch ‘on us’ Saturday—LOL!

Until next time….

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