Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just call me FOUR EYES...

I have allergies. BAD. And it’s usually right around this time of year that they get REALLY BAD. In two weeks, I’ve been able to wear my contacts for maybe 2 of those days. This is not a good thing considering my glasses are about 2 years behind in my prescription. For normal people that wouldn’t be that big of a deal. But, as a few of my lucky friends witnessed two weekends ago, I am BLIND without some form of glasses or contacts. Even with my glasses, I’m continuously squinting, and cannot see as clearly. As I told Meghan last weekend, I may look smarter with the glasses on, but my actions would definitely prove otherwise. I’m popping allergy pills like candy, and I’ve been doing the sinus rinse daily. (That, by the way, is one of the most unattractive things to witness. If you don’t know what it is, please ask and I will tell you ALL about it.)

Any-hoo, I prefaced this blog with a note saying that it was not created with the intention of telling anyone what to do, think, or say, and I’m going to try to hold true to that. But I have one thing that I need to bitch about that is extremely frustrating to me: PERFUME. I’m allergic to pretty much any perfume. When I tell people that, mostly women, they look at me in disgust and say, “Well, what do you use then?” I either go with plain old deodorant, or fruity (not musky) body spray….thank you Bath and Body Works! Okay, back up…I ALWAYS use deodorant…that original sentence came out wrong*smile* I don’t care if I can wear perfume or not…to be honest, I would rather not be miserable all day long in the name of smelling “good.” I don’t think I smell bad without it, and believe me, I know when I smell! Anyway (wow, I’m getting off subject a lot today!) there is ONE lady at work that BATHES in perfume every single day. On a non-allergic day, I usually sneeze two or three times and I’m on my way. But on really bad allergy days, like the past two weeks, I get a major whiff, and I’m not only continuously sneezing, I’m itching, my eyes are watering and it’s hard to breathe. I feel like a cat has permanently planted himself on my face (I’m allergic to those too). Funny mental picture… LOL. So, in my misery, I really want to say something to this lady. Do you think she would get the hint if I said: “One spray is PLENTY.” ?? That’s not rude, is it?! LOL—okay, done bitching.

Hmmm…after reading this blog, I have to ask myself: “Why am I still single?” haha… Isn’t there a guy out there that wants a blind, smelly, allergy pill-popping woman to make him ‘The Happiest Man Alive?’ I wish all of you could see my face. I’m cracking myself up so much that my eyes are watering. Wait, that’s because freaking perfume lady just walked by holding a cat named Felix who just planted himself on my face. NICE.


justforfun said...
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justforfun said...

You crack me up!

I too have some smelling issues, but lucky for me it only bothers me in magazines with 100 differnt sample samples.

I can still smell good :)

Also, I just went to a new allergy doctor, he's pretty much a total tool, but he takes allergies very serious. Let me know if you want his info.

OK... So I had to delete my previous post because it didn't have my name...and I thought you might think of that as creepy!


Anonymous said...

Hilarious, I have actually said those 4 words "one spray is plenty" in my head sooooo many times. And then I think, 'if that were me, I'd want someone to tell me it was way to strong, or unpleasant...maybe I should tell them' I haven't yet, but maybe someday...