Monday, August 11, 2008


This past Friday was BUNCO!! Normally when I tell people that I play Bunco, they usually ask me, “Aren’t you a little young to be playing Bunco?” (that’s from the older people) or “What the Hell is Bunco?” (from most of my friends). Truth of the matter is, yes, I’m the youngest one in our group, by a few years, but it is SO MUCH FUN, there’s an opportunity to win some money, and it’s something different to do on a Friday night! My former co-worker, Cindy, recruited me to play a few years ago, and I think I've only missed it twice in three or four years! I've met some amazing ladies, and it's always a good time!

What is Bunco? It’s a dice game, with 12 players, and you roll the dice in hopes of gaining points, or the ultimate roll, a BUNCO. There is absolutely no skill or strategy involved, although some people have a certain “techniques” to rolling the dice. Oh, and did I mention that there’s great food and plenty of alcohol involved?! Can’t beat that, right?! We each put in $10, it's BYOB, and we alternate houses every month. My month is October! Can't wait!

Well, this past Friday, I rolled the First and Last Bunco, which helped me to win a total of $40!!! That was nice, considering weekends can get expensive---a little extra cash goes a long way!! I love Bunco!!

These pictures are from last month’s Bunco at Jen Snow’s house….my good bud Anisa came along and had a blast! Everyone loved her and wants her to come back again!

The girls...

Angie, Shawna, Julie

Cindy, Suzie, Andie

Andie, Cherie, Me

Thanks to Jen Snow for the pictures. Until next time...

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