Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today is my 30th Birthday.

...and I don't want any Old Lady jokes, ya hear?!?

I am incredibly blessed with phenomenal friends and family, all who indulge me by letting me believe it's some sort of National Holiday.

I got to work today and was surprised by this:

Pretty out of control, huh?!
(Oh and yes, that's a Miley Cyrus bag!)
Tonight I get to hang out with my lovely and talented BFF, her Hubby & my God-Daughter.

(She just joined the Dirty Thirty Club as well!)

I feel like I've been partying it up since April 1st (it's now considered My Birthday MONTH, you know!) but the "official" party is Friday. My lovely Seester has spear-headed the effort and although I know very little about the 'details' of the party, I DO know that it will be fun.

Thanks to everyone for the Birthday Wishes!

Here's to the 30's being the BEST YEARS of my life!! (Or just a helluva lot of fun!!)


Starfighter Tigerlily said...

All I will say is that Rachel is SO thorough that she even invited your antisocial accountant, who might drop by. If not, it isn't because I don't love you, but because I won't know anyone else there and hello awkward....

Bridge said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I can't WAIT for Friday! (this isn't some sort of sick joke where you're going to cancel at the last minute is it? cause I'm prepared for that...)
Much love!

EmLeahy said...

I did not know you work in a cubicle.

You do not understand how envious I am right now. It's on my bucket list. To work in an office, with a cubicle.

I ... can't even express. I am so amazed. Love it. LOVE. IT.

Oh and Happpy 30th!!! (AGAIN!!!)

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