Friday, March 5, 2010

Brace Yourself!

I went in on Wednesday to get The Pink Lady (a.k.a. the cast) "re-sized" because it was getting too big. The nurse pulled out this chain-saw contraption, then proceeded to tell me that I shouldn't be scared because-- while the saw would cut the cast, it wouldn't cut my skin.


Alas, she was right. Sheesh, I need to be more trusting of Medical Professionals.

Speaking of Medical Professionals, Dr. E-dog came in to check me out and said I should get X-rays.

So I did.

I had a different X-ray Tech this time and filled him in on The Situation, and told him he had to look at the X-rays once he printed them out. When he walked back in with the X-rays, he held them up to the light and his jaw dropped. He couldn't BELIEVE how much crap I had in my arm! (It's pretty much the reaction I get whenever I tell people what the surgery entailed.)

Dr. E said that I didn't have to wear the cast anymore, and put me in a heavy-duty brace:

Hot with a capital H.O.T.

Although I'm supposed to "treat it like it's still in a cast" (Dr.'s orders), I can take it off to shower, which is nice. In about a week, I can start working on my range of motion. THAT'S not going to hurt AT ALL....rrrrright.

If I weren't trying to stay positive throughout this entire "episode," I'd tell you that I'm still in pain, the scars are U-G-L-Y, my hand & arm are still swollen and bruised, and Lefty is ready to put in his Letter of Resignation.

Instead of dwelling on those things, I usually just look at my brace and think that I must look like a Professional Bowler who just can't bear to go anywhere without The Glove...

...and that makes me laugh.

Onward we go, RIGHT?!?!

**I know that all my recent posts have been about The Wrist, and for that I apologize. I promise, in a week or so, to get back to the Regularly Scheduled Program. You know, with the 'entertaining' stories that involve my non-existent dating life, my run-ins with treadmills, and other miscellany..."the good stuff."

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