Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why Adults Shouldn't Roller Skate...

Remember that "HELLA FUN" party I was talking about in my last post?

...Well, it WAS, until:

Yep... while Roller Skating at my good friend's 30th Birthday party, I fell backwards and tried to "catch" myself with my right hand.

Pssst: IT DIDN'T WORK. I broke my wrist, had to head to the ER, and have it reset. Good times!

So, right now I'm in a splint and sling for three weeks, then once the swelling goes down, I'll get a real cast for an additional three weeks.

Since I'm a little hopped up on Vicodin, I've had to rely on good friends and family to drive me around and help me out.

I have a feeling I'm going to be saying "Thank You" more than anything over the next few weeks, so I'm going to start now...
Super Special Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Dickey, the nice people that drove me to the ER & home that night.
THANK YOU to my wonderful parents who came up the next day and stocked my fridge with groceries, did my laundry & helped me clean the house.
To Bobcat & the birthday girl Sarah, who went back to Skatedaze to pick up my car--thanks! (and sorry my car was so dirty!)
I'm thankful for the Kahler-Gonzales family, who had me join family dinner Sunday night, and gave me lots of love :)
To Erin, who's been driving me to work the past couple of days...thank you and sorry I'm not much of a morning person. (and that you had to come get me in the middle of the day because I over-medicated.)
Needless to say, blogs will be few & far between for a while. My left hand, whom I've decided to call Lefty, isn't used to this much action and gets tired easily! I will, however, try to keep you posted as best as I can! My next appointment is this Friday 02/05/10. Pray that I won't have to have surgery!

Take care!

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Anne said...

Val!!! Oh nooooo!!! You were having TOO much fun! :) I'm sorry you got hurt...hope it's a speedy recovery.