Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Makings of a Bad Day

1. Oversleep
2. Stub your toe on the corner of the vanity
3. Lose your only pair of gloves
4. Get stuck at the bottom of your sloped driveway because the City of Omaha's plows don't give a crap.
5. Watch two trucks with plows drive by your house while scooping your car out, get frustrated that they didn't stop to help.
6. Look over at your sidewalks only to realize the handy-work of the City's plows destroyed any shoveling you did last night.
7. Realize that when you get home from work, you're going to have to shovel. AGAIN. For the SIXTH TIME in 48 hours.
8. Hold back the tears/anger because, oh ya! You still need to go to work today!
9. Curse those that are complaining about "Cabin Fever" and "Snow Days."
10. Get to work - LATE
11. Become inundated with the New Boss's 15 emails needing things "ASAP."
12. Pray that the list stops here.

Who else would like to get back into bed and stay there for a while??

1 comment:

Jonath said...

That stuff just happens to often, doesn't it? Unfortunately, the list probably won't stop there... Yes, I want to stay in bed.