Thursday, August 6, 2009


If you've hung out with me at all in the last month or so, you know that I'm head over heels in love with this 'little' band called Kings of Leon. And even though he's a super-skinny pale guy from Tenessee, I'm afraid I've also come down with a bad case of Lead Singer Syndrome. (If you don't know what LSS is, think about it for a's very serious!) Oh, those eyes!!

Lucky for me, my BFF Meghan & her hubby Chris have been very tolerant during this obsessive period in my life. From time to time, however, I sense that Meghan is fighting the urge to bitch-slap me back into reality. Thank you, Meghan, once again, for resisting the urge & putting up with my crazy brain.

I'm not even going to go into how one of their songs is my cell phone ringtone, or how I cannot go a single day without listening to their new album, or that I've done extensive research on the Internet to find out everything about them. Or that I bought tickets to see them in concert at Kansas City's brand new Sprint Center (October 13th PLEASE GET HERE SOON!) & that I'm currently plotting a way to get backstage --or at least front row in General Admission. Nope, not going to go into it.

Instead, I leave you with this link to their YouTube video of "Use Somebody" -probably my favorite song on their new album (tied with "Revelry"). Can you say AWESOME?!

(Sorry, I tried to upload it, but I guess I'm not that savvy.)

Still, check it out! Love love love love them!

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Meghan Gonzales said...

There's nothing wrong with making Chris and I listen to the same song 15 times - oh wait... maybe??? hehe